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ACCELERATE YOUR ACTING TRAINING NOW | The Acting Edge Online delivers acting classes straight to your PC

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The Essential Acting Resource

Are You Looking For The Edge To Take You
To The Top Of Your Creative Field?

  • Are you an aspiring actor ready to launch your artistic education?
  • Are you an actor in training looking to maximise and boost your development?
  • Are you a professional actor eager to add new skills to your repertoire?
  • Are you a director or teacher ready to embrace inspirational new skills?

Welcome to The Acting Edge Online

Hugh Jackman

“In Dean Carey you have a teacher who knows everything about acting. Not only will this online program give you the tools you require, it will also inspire you. Dean has inspired me for 21 years and I’m forever grateful. Bravo Dean, and from one of your many students, THANK YOU!”
Hugh Jackman, 2012

Watch Hugh Jackman
launch The Acting Edge
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Dean Carey

“I have distilled the craft of acting to its purest essence: the 8 essential elements needed to unleash the full power of the performing artist. No matter what method or system you utilize, these 8 elements will both embrace and enhance it. I look forward to welcoming you and sharing this phenomenal program.”

This state of the art online program will enable you to:

  • Unlock deeper truth and power within your work
  • Audition, rehearse and perform with renewed confidence and courage
  • Access your authenticity and enliven your creative spirit
  • Tap into and release your rich inner resources
  • Elevate your craft through new skills and powerful insights


This online program will absolutely accelerate your current and future training. It is designed to sharpen your focus and engage your ability to fully embrace your creative development and transform your learning capability and outcomes.